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May 7, 2020

SF Marina has installed its largest floating concrete breakwater using its massive SFBW1000 pontoons. The milestone structure protects Kajen, a new condominium complex in Skärhamn, Sweden.

Each SFBW1000 pontoon is 65′ L x 26′ W x 9.8′ D with a 2.6′ freeboard. The Kajen project uses six in an L-shape that extends 260′, linked together by four W5000 connectors. Electrical and water supply services are easily accessible through integrated conduits.

In combination with SF Marina’s patented coupling and advanced mooring system, the SFBW1000 floating Concrete Breakwater is an excellent wave attenuator with superb stability. While somewhat protected from the Skagerrak strait by a series of offshore islands, Skärhamn still sees heavy storms, especially in winter. Engineered to absorb extreme storm loads, the breakwater at Kajen has a breaking load of 260mt per joint.

Remarkable buoyancy of the SFBW1000 pontoons is due to the unique reinforced concrete and Styrofoam construction—they’re virtually unsinkable. Manufactured in accordance with Eurocode SS-EN1992-1-1, the structures are easily shipped from the factory to anywhere in the world.




Located 41 mi. northwest of Gothenburg, all Kajen condominiums boast stunning views of mountains, harbor or open sea. The structures use materials and colors that pay homage to the rich heritage of Sweden’s west coast traditional buildings. Scheduled to open this spring, its website is www.kajenskarhamn.se.

Since 1918, Gothenburg, Sweden-based SF Marina has engineered and manufactured floating breakwaters and concrete dock pontoons, and related marine structures built to overcome extreme weather and seas. It has an expansive network of offices across the globe ready to undertake a wide range of marina projects.

Contact SF Marina USA, P.O. Box 650, Gloucester, VA 23061.

207-347-4237; info@sfmarinausa.com; www.sfmarinausa.com.

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