SF Marina Systems USA History

From 1918 to Present

SF Marina System USA (SF USA) is based in Gloucester, VA and is partnered with SF Marina Systems International in Gothenburg, Sweden, with representatives in more than thirty countries. SF USA is part of a worldwide network of specialists selling and producing concrete floating structures. The company’s heritage dates back to 1918 in Sweden, where the early designs and product development began. Just a few years later, concrete floating docks were in production. SF Marina Systems has been advancing the designs and technology of floating dock breakwaters, some including the creation of floating breakwater pontoons in the 1980s starting with a 3m floating breakwater design and evolving to include 4m, 5m and 6m widths. We now offer floating breakwaters up top 10m wide, which are 3.6m tall, and 40m long. These advancements have translated directly to the quality and designs of marine dock and industrial systems. The next advancement is the use of non-metallic reinforcement for the floating concrete structures. The use of basalt rebar is a significant advancement that will greatly increase the lifespans of concrete docks that will last a century.