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New Zealand Marina Renovation Project Showcases SF Marina’s Unique Curved Sea Wall

July 6, 2023

Whitianga Marina, located in Mercury Bay on the North Island of New Zealand, recently completed an impressive 16-month renovation project featuring SF Marina’s innovative docks and walkways. A standout feature is SF Marina’s unique curved sea wall, replacing the old rock seawall. The arcing fixed breakwater, measuring 840 feet in length, comes with a decorative cast motif and a public walkway that terminates in a distinct curved end.

The dock walkway, spanning 784 feet in length, incorporates SF Marina’s floating concrete pontoons with angled ends mirroring the curve of the breakwater. These docks offer exceptional stability and strength, featuring integrated utility ducts for power and water supply. They are moored with external piles to accommodate the tidal fluctuation.

Whitianga Marina now accommodates 231 vessels, ranging from 32 to 78 feet in length. As a certified Clean Marina and New Zealand Marina Operators Association member, it is a premier destination for yachting enthusiasts.

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