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June 30, 2022

Just over two miles south of Oslo, Norway, Langøyene island hosts a wide range of summertime recreational activities and is a popular destination for residents and tourists. The Municipality of Oslo Agency for Urban Environment recently improved the area with a new floating concrete ferry pier and wave-attenuating breakwater from market leader SF Marina.

Installed by Oslo-based Veidekke Entreprenør AS, the ferry pier is a substantial structure. The 19.6′ L x 23′ W floating portion is comprised of three SF Marina concrete pontoon sections with 10-ton bollards that connect to the 24′ L x 14.7′ W ferry landing area via dual boarding ramps. These pedestrian passages are covered in MøreRoyal® pressure-treated timbers. A small wave dampener shelters the area.

The SF Marina SFBW 400 floating concrete breakwater protects a large sandy beach on the southwestern side of Langøyene. Its unique underwater shape and sheer mass provide exceptional wave dampening attributes without any sacrifice to stability. The pontoon closest to the shore was built with a beveled contour to accommodate the shallow depth. The 328′ L x 13′ W L-shaped structure also functions as a bathing dock, complete with a diving tower and 10 swim ladders; 1.6′ of freeboard makes re-entry onto the platform easy. It’s connected to the island by an aluminum walkway covered in MøreRoyal.

Ferry service to Langøyene runs from Oslo all summer. Originally two islands, they were connected with fill to create a large grassy area for sports and other activities. The location is the only island within the Oslo area to allow overnight tent camping. More information is at www.bit.ly/Langoyene.

For over 100 years, Gothenburg, Sweden-based SF Marina has engineered and manufactured floating breakwaters and concrete dock pontoons, and related marine structures built to overcome extreme weather and seas. It has an expansive network of offices across the globe ready to undertake a wide range of marine construction projects.

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