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Unrivaled Resilience: SF Marina’s Floating Concrete Breakwater Defies Extreme Storms

June 22, 2023

When it comes to protecting commercial and megayacht ports from severe weather conditions, the SFBW1000 floating concrete breakwater pontoon by SF Marina is unmatched in its performance and reliability.

With over 40 years of proven track record, the SFBW1000 has demonstrated its ability to withstand the harshest storms, cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons. Its engineered geometry, advanced mooring solution, and innovative design have made it the go-to choice for numerous ports worldwide.

The SFBW1000 offers stability and durability with a mass of 220mt. Carefully engineered reinforcement and specific concrete formulations for marine applications ensure its stability, even for vehicles to drive on.

The encapsulated flotation design provides high buoyancy, making the pontoon virtually unsinkable. The concrete structure can incorporate conduits for fuel, water, electricity, waste, and other utilities, enhancing functionality and convenience.

To ensure optimal protection, the SFBW1000 features stainless steel couplers and heavy rubber cylinders, allowing excess wave energy to pass through the breakwater.

SF Marina’s SFBW1000 is internationally recognized for its ability to withstand extreme weather events while maintaining structural integrity. Its reputation for reliability and resilience makes it a preferred choice for ports facing challenging weather conditions.