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SF Marina Systems Produces “Mega Dock” for Tug and Superyacht Berthing

September 21, 2015

A world wide leader in Concrete floating structures including concrete docks, piers and floating breakwaters, SF Marina Systems is pleased to announce they have provided a large two piece Tug Berth, Designed for Tugs boats up to 1,100 tons. The Berth is 32’ wide 150’ long and has a freeboard of   5 ft. The units were cast in SF Marina’s Factory in Walham Sweden, each weight over 240 metric tons.   The high loading of the Pier can accommodate heavy truck traffic, and additional  features such as cranes, and fueling systems can be integrated into the design. The standard units can be shipped world wide and moored on heavy chain or pile type systems with infinite lengths. The low maintenance and heavy mass of the concrete structures are well matched to large tugboats and super yachts.

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