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SF Marina’s Innovative Y-Boom Fingers at Önnereds Båtlag Marina Renovation

April 10, 2023

Önnereds Båtlag (Önnereds Boat Club), located on the Southwest coast of Gothenburg, Sweden, has recently completed a three-year marina renovation in collaboration with SF Marina. The standout feature of this project is the innovative use of SF Marina’s narrow Y-Boom fingers, allowing for a higher number of boats to be docked in a small marina footprint.

Established in 1979, Önnereds Båtlag has been a coastal refuge for boat owners in Gothenburg, offering a range of facilities including dock space for boats up to 36′ with 12′ beams, a clubhouse, 26 boathouses, and winter storage options. As part of their marina renovation, SF Pontona Sweden, a subsidiary of SF Marina, provided and installed four floating concrete pontoons that are virtually unsinkable and moored with chains and concrete anchors, ensuring exceptional stability in the marina.

What sets the marina renovation at Önnereds Båtlag apart is the use of SF Marina’s 210 galvanized steel Y-Boom fingers. Ranging in lengths from 14′ to 32′, these Y-Boom fingers are narrower compared to traditional aluminum or concrete fingers, allowing for a higher number of boats to be docked in the available space. With over 70% of recreational boats in Sweden being under 20′ in length, this innovative design choice has enabled Önnereds Båtlag to maximize its capacity, offering up to 285 slips for boat owners.

Boat owners at Önnereds Båtlag can easily access their vessels from the bow or stern due to the narrow width of the Y-Boom fingers, ensuring safe and convenient docking. The outer dock also features walkable versions of the Y-Boom fingers for a more traditional approach, with large plastic floats on the ends of the fingers keeping them securely in place.

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SF Marina’s Y-Boom fingers have proven to be a game-changer in maximizing boat capacity in a limited marina footprint. The innovative design allows for efficient use of available space, making it an ideal choice for marina renovations such as the one carried out at Önnereds Båtlag.