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November 30, 2020

In 2019, Lars Vinjerud II purchased Capt. Leroy’s Marina, a mixed commercial and recreational marina on Popes Island, New Bedford, Massachusetts, and renamed it Fleet Marina. Vinjerud is owner and president of Fleet Fisheries, an 18-vessel scallop and lobster fishing and distribution operation. He chose to renovate and modernize the site utilizing a state-of-the-art floating concrete dock and breakwater complex from industry leader SF Marina.

The first phase of the Fleet Marina project was to replace the existing pile-supported pier with an extra-wide breakwater that would double as a dock. This would provide space for Fleet Fisheries and other commercial vessels.

AGM Marine Contractors, Inc. designed the marina layout and SF Marina manufactured the components at its Norfolk, Virginia location. The modules were then moved by barge to Popes Island where AGM installed the 262′ L x 16′ W SF500 Series Breakwater.

Engineered to withstand hurricane-level storms, the individual floating concrete SF500 pontoons are connected with an advanced energy-absorbing coupling system and moored with eight 80′ L x 36″ W steel piles. Virtually unsinkable and able to bear regular vehicular traffic, the individual sections each have a buoyancy rating of 100 psf. They’re als0 extremely robust to withstand the heavy use the fishing fleet places on them and easily accommodate vessels that range up to 100′ L and 200 GRT.

Functioning as a working dock, the SF500 Series pontoon sections have integrated utility conduits. Fleet Marina utilized these and installed multiple 100A 3-phase electrical pedestals and fresh water service.

In phase two, AGM reconfigured the recreational side of Fleet Marina with 120′ of SF Marina SF1024 floating dock. The structure includes slips for two to four boats up to 120′ in length and includes water service. With a low center of gravity, they’re extremely stable, making them ideal for recreational use. Engineered to withstand the freezing and severe storms common in Sweden, they’re the perfect dock solution for New England. Fleet Marina’s website is www.fleetmarina.com.

“We’ve been installing SF Marina docks and breakwaters for about nine years,” said Jonah Mikutowicz, AGM Marine Contractors project manager. “They’re easy to install and the reaction from our customers is always very positive.” With a thorough understanding of the area’s oftentimes extreme weather conditions, Cape Cod, Massachusetts-based AGM has served the recreational, commercial and government marine construction needs of New England since 1977. Its website is www.agmmarine.com.

Gothenburg, Sweden-based SF Marina engineers, builds and ships floating breakwaters and concrete dock pontoons, and related marine structures. With an impressive international network of offices and manufacturing sites, it can ship anywhere in the world and has completed numerous recreational and commercial vessel projects around the globe.

Contact SF Marina USA, P.O. Box 650, Gloucester, VA 23061.

207-347-4237; info@sfmarinausa.com; www.sfmarinausa.com.

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