Industrial Docking Systems

“The system was completed in 2006 and has weathered two category-two hurricanes, and four major Nor’easters with minimal damage. The system has out performed the counties expectations”

- Joe Sisler, PE , Chief of Engineering and Facility Maintenance | York County Virginia

SF 1200

Width: 3 - 10m

Freeboard: .6m

SF 1500

Width: 4 - 16m

Freeboard: .75m

SF 1800

Width: 10m

Freeboard: 1m

Industrial Docking Systems Product Overview

A complete line of heavy duty, all-concrete single-cast designs with an EPS styrofoam core and protected steel reinforcements. The heavy mass and thick walled concrete structures offer stability and longevity. They are low maintenance and accommodate large vessels and environmental forces, including impacts, high winds, waves and harsh winter ice. From tenders, to large tugs, fishing vessels, ferries and super yachts we have an unsinkable solution.

Technical Considerations

  • Freeboard heights from 10” to 80”
  • Widths from 8’ to 52’
  • Ferry landings, commercial berthing, municipal docking for fire and police crafts
  • Heavy loading capacity for forklifts, vehicles, structures
  • A thick, reinforced concrete deck surface accommodates internal utilities, lighting, small cranes, mooring bollards, and large capacity equipment
  • Can accept fender systems of all sizes and impact rating
  • Custom large vessel fender systems
  • Anchoring systems include chain and bottom anchors, pile mooring, and helical with elastic rode mooring systems
  • Customizable lengths up to 100’ single-cast units with angle joints
  • Proven cable connector system for endless dock lengths

SF 1200 Project

Fire Department of New York

  • NYC, New York
  • 2010-2014
  • 1230 multiple lengths

The FDNY and NYPD have multiple waterfront facilities around the greater New York area. With a 24-hour, year-round operation, the docking system serves a large range of vessels and operators, so it needs to be robust and low maintenance. SF Marina Systems is pleased to have supplied our dock systems.


SF 1500 Project

Yorktown National Parks Service

  • Yorktown, Virginia
  • 2006
  • Type 1560 925’ X 20’, 30” Freeboard, Heavy Chain Anchoring

“The system was completed in 2006 and has weathered two category-two hurricanes and four major “Nor'easters” with minimal damage. The system has out performed the counties expectations”

- Joe Sisler, PE , Chief of Engineering and Facility Maintenance | Yorktown National Park Services, Yorktown, Virginia

The 1560, large vessel transient pier 924’ long x 20’ wide 30” freeboard is fitted with HD fender and bollards, and a large diameter chain anchoring system.

The Yorktown National Park was in need of a large vessel pier for visiting transient boats, small cruise ships, regional tour boats and tall ships. The depth of the water, sharp drop from shore and fierce currents inhibited a fixed pier solution. SF Marina Systems and Coastal Design and Construction developed a less costly all-floating system which could accommodate up to 400’ vessels with 55mph squall conditions. The location has a 27 mile fetch, the system regularly experiences a 6 ft wave.

SF 1800 Project

Floating Ship Pier

  • Donsö Sweden
  • 2018
  • 18100 32’ x 328’ heavy chain / bottom anchor system

The 18100 Floating Pier System is another advancement in concrete floating products from SF Marian Systems. Located near Gothenburg Sweden, the 32’wide and 328’ long floating commercial pier is bringing larger vessels and greater capabilities to the fishing and ship support village of Donsö Sweden.

Fitted with 30-ton bollards, and a heavy Duty ship fendering systems and a 40” freeboard the Pier can accommodate vessels far larger than its own size. Power, water, and Sewer utilities all run internal, protected from the elements. The System is design to accommodate forklifts and support vehicles, which can drive down the specifically design ramp. The anchoring system is designed with 360 M Tons of concrete dead weights, and Large diameter chain. The deep water at the Floating pier location allows for vessels with drafts up to 40’, which would be restricted in other harbors. Given the depth of the Pier location, and the method of the floating per construction a cost comparison to a fixed pier, proves the floating solution to be significantly less costly.

This floating pier technology has a wide range of applications from Ferry landings, commercial piers, Parking structures heli ports and many more. Wider, longer systems with higher freeboards are available.