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Hong Kong Island Adds State-of-the-Art Typhoon Shelter Basin to Combat Extreme Weather

March 9, 2023

Hong Kong’s Hei Ling Chau, a small island off the east coast of Lantau Island, has added a state-of-the-art typhoon shelter basin to protect against the frequent tropical cyclones in the region. The new basin is off the island’s western shore and features a 2,275′ floating concrete wave attenuator array from SF Marina.
The Hong Kong Government chose SF Marina due to its ability to manufacture the wave attenuator quickly in Asia and its proven track record of installations successfully surviving severe storms. The pontoons used in the project are virtually unsinkable and double-reinforced to guarantee strength and long service life. They are moored using 114 large cast concrete block anchors and chains.
The Hei Ling Chau project consists of 30 sections of 65′ L x 16′ W 71-ton SFBW500 pontoons and five sections of 65′ x 13′ W 60-ton SFBW400 pontoons. The pontoons and anchors were manufactured by SF Marina Korea Ltd. and shipped to Hong Kong, where they were installed. Nearly 6′ in height, they share a 1.6′ freeboard and 11,865 lb/ft² buoyancy rating.
Since 1918, SF Marina has engineered and manufactured floating breakwaters, concrete dock pontoons, and related marine structures built to withstand extreme weather events. With a network of international offices, the company has completed recreational and commercial vessel projects around the globe.
This new typhoon shelter basin is a game-changer for Hei Ling Chau, home to an addiction treatment center and two correctional institutions. The basin will protect the area under normal and severe storm conditions, ensuring the safety of the residents and structures on the island.